31 Aug

Thai food cuisine is one of the most tasty and healthy cuisine in the whole world. People just from everywhere delight themselves with some ingredients they use for a daily meal, but they don’t even know that these ingredients relate to Thai food cuisine.

Thai food is a balance of fish, vegetables, rice, chicken and spices, lots of spices. It has a sweet, spicy, salty and sour flavor. That is why Thai cuisine is so appreciated.

We don’t have to care for the nutrition. Thai food is all about vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fiber and it is low in animal fat. This Asian cuisine has always been recognized as the one that combines different tastes to make a balance for a strong health. Thai cooking means baking, stewing, grilling and steaming and it is much better than frying or deep frying. It is much healthier and you don’t have to concern yourself being on a diet.

 classic Thai ingredients

Most popular Thai food ingredients are fresh herbs (mint, lemongrass, Thai basils) and spices, pastes (Nam Phrik which are Thai chili pastes and red curry paste) and sauces (Nam Pla which is a strong fish sauce prepared with fermented fish made into a fragrant condiment and Pla Ra, also a fish sauce from fermented fish). Soy sauces are also a part of Thai food culture. Rice (white rice) and noodles are also very popular in Asian cuisine. These are classic     Thai ingredients that create most powerful taste sensations for your tongue.

A typical Thai family breakfast dishes include a combination of proteins used as ingredients such as beef, rice, noodles, tofu, seafood etc.

You have to agree, Thai cuisine includes a variety of soups in its menu, from different kinds of chicken soups to different kinds of lemon grass soups. By adding extra spices and herbs they manipulate the taste and aroma so you can experience new and new tastes.

And at the end, let me give you a recipe to delight your plate and stomach with a coconut lemon grass soup which is always served in a lot of medical preparations fighting infections and treating different kinds of skin problems.